We are going to help you finding the perfect work of art at the perfect price within our wide selection of art from around the world.

We are art advisors dedicated to helping individuals and corporations to acquire, expand, and manage art collections. Our goal is to provide the most compelling, unique, and appropriate pieces for the spaces in which they will be seen. We represent clients: we primary take in consideration our clients and transparency rather than artists, therefore we are able to search from an unlimited number of resources. We maintain relationships with artists and galleries and auction houses to be able to locate and acquire the best pieces of art at the best conditions for our clients.

We can build art collections or help you to improve the one you have focusing on aesthetic or investment or both points of view.

We can help you navigate the market to attain the perfect piece, from Modern art to Post War and Contemporary, and we are dedicated to helping negotiate to ensure you the best terms and a fair price. We want to protect your investment throughout the buying process.

We collaborate with Interior Designers and Architects

We are looking forward to collaborating and work with interior designers and architects to provide quality art for any interior or space and to take care of any aspects concerning art in your projects, matching your clients budgets and your artistic needs. Our wide connections will give you access to any kind of sources from artists’ studios to auction houses. We are going to save you time and money while reducing your client’s transactional risk. We can take care of all transportation and installation issues.